Death and the Nature of Man

Dear Friend,
I haven’t seen you in a while but
I still remember the way you laugh
at life, as if
all was joyous and well.
We didn’t spend much time
together except at work
and once at a birthday party
and before I moved away.
With fewer memories
to get in the way
the ones we had are clearer.
I saw you once
when I came back home,
you were with a group
of teenagers
or early twenty-somethings,
it’s hard to tell these days.

Dear Friend,
you were so young
and sometimes
you’d ask me for advice
about the girl you loved
who you later left, I guess
that’s just the way life goes.
I heard you just turned twenty-one
and must have still been
so happy
and so full of life
because twenty-one is just before
things get really good.

Dear Friend,
I never knew
your struggles or your pain
I only knew the smile
you showed me every day.
I never really knew you
and yet
I’m drawn to the story
of how you left this world,
to all the details
of how
and why
and when and where
you chose to end your life.

Dear Friend,
I’m sorry
that you felt that way
but can’t someone tell me
how you died
and why?

We may be full of love
but mostly
of curiosity.