Be Inspired: Write about the best day of your life/Describe a moment when your heart overflowed with joy.

I’ve always had this idea of what the perfect moment would be. I thought time would stand still and I would be allowed some kind of aerial view of all the beauty that surrounded me. I believed that such a moment would be lasting and memorable down to the very last detail. I was wrong.

My perfect moment came one week ago. It was actually a series of moments, compiled into the best day of my life. Everyone was so alive with excitement, doing everything they could to ensure the day would go smoothly. I really believe that had every little thing gone wrong, we still would have had the perfect day. I’ve never been surrounded by so many people I love, present only to share in my joy.

I envisioned our meeting on the beach. I thought it would be a moment burned into my memory forever. But time didn’t stop, it flew. I said “I do,” and it was all cheers and pictures. It was over before I could truly describe what was happening. The dinner was amazing, the toasts were heartfelt, and the dancing was almost too much fun. Eight hours passed in the blink of a teary eye, and we sat around the kitchen table with our dearest friends. At 2:00AM, sleep called my name, though I was hesitant to let the day end.

In my perfect moments, everything did not stand still. It was fast; it was fleeting. It is over. I couldn’t provide a detailed description of any one moment if I tried. My heart was too full to take in any more. The perfect moment comes when you stop expecting, thinking, wishing for more. It is the day time passes without recognition. It is the moment life is too beautiful, too wonderful for words. My perfect day was October 22, 2015. It was the day I became his wife.


Be Inspired: “What excites you about the possibility of a new day?”

The sun rises, bringing with it all the promise of a brand new day. That which was, is no longer, and that which will be is infinite with possibilities. The most amazing thing about waking up each morning is that first moment when thoughts of yesterday and plans of the day to come have not yet broken the surface of this most peaceful silence. For just a moment, everything is perfect. On a sunny day, the golden light fills a room and gives strength to those who behold it. When morning’s greeting brings the sound of falling rain, the rhythmic tapping on walls and leaves is soothing to the listener’s soul. No matter the circumstances of past days or future worries, this instant is vibrant with hope and with love. This simple state of being at one with the world can be relived every morning at least, and every moment if chosen.